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Hawaii SEO

Hi, I’m Greggory Thorpe the owner and operator of Black Bear SEO. We are offering the best Hawaii SEO expert and seek to provide massive value for all our customers on the Island. Having the best Honolulu SEO is something that we pride ourselves on since bringing value to customers is the main focus of our company and why you’re paying for SEO. I personally have spent time on Oahu and would love to help be a part of the economy!

Honolulu SEO

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming google ranks sites according to merit… well, they don’t. Google chooses what sites to rank according to their own algorithm and that is why search engine optimization Hawaii is so important. Google states that 40% of all searchers will click on the #1-page result. Imagine how much more revenue your business could be earning if all of those clicks went to your website, and not your competitors. Basically, every day that your site isn’t in that #1 spot you’re throwing money at your competition. This is why doing a few calculated maneuvers to increase the visibility of a site is something that all business owners should take advantage of.

Benefits of SEO

Since we already know that 70% of searchers will click on the #1 search result, a search term gets 1000 searches each month, every 400 clicks will go to that #1 website. Now take 400 and plug in your conversion rate and the value of the life of the customer. We both know that there are very profitable numbers and something that can dramatically increase the revenue of your business. Here at Black Bear SEO Hawaii, we want to see your business thrive in today’s economy through search engine optimization Hawaii. We are determined to provide one of the best quality Honolulu SEO service on the market today and we fully guarantee the quality of our work and customer service. Stop giving your competitors new client leads and revenue that should be yours and hire the best SEO company Hawaii

I’m Greggory the founder of Black Bear SEO. My mission is to bring you free customers through your website search result rankings. I won’t stop until that mission, becomes a reality.

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