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Hello, I’m Greggory Thorpe and at Black Bear SEO we are a premiere Rochester SEO company but work nationally since the internet has no restrictions! Google states that 40% of all searchers will click on the #1 result. Imagine if your business had the #1 spot in Google, and not your competition. Every day you’re not #1 you’re basically throwing money at your competitors.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Improving the search visibility of your business can provide tremendous amounts of revenue for your business. This is because the more visible your business is to the general public the more likely someone will visit your storefront, whether virtual or physical, and more bodies mean more revenue. Let’s say that your business is currently ranking on the 2nd page of google…and only you know it’s there because no one goes to the 2nd page. If that search term that your business is ranking on the 2nd page for gets 1,000 searches a month, then the #1 spot on google gets 40% of that traffic. Image what 400 extra visitors to your website could do for your revenue! This is one tip that we tell every business owner: find a quality website optimization company and get yourself on the first page of google. The most important thing when choosing an SEO Rochester company is to find a quality SEO company since they provide the best bang for your buck.

Cost effective

Many businesses will spend thousands of dollars on banner advertising just hoping that someone will click on your ad, then purchase something. As many of us know these have a low conversion rate and turn out to be disappointing. With SEO you are reaching a targeted audience that is actively searching for your product. These types of searches have a much higher conversion rate since the person is actively researching, or looking to purchase your service or product. Having your website professionally optimized will put you leagues above your competition to get seen (ranking higher on google). It doesn’t matter how small or large your business may be ranking higher in google will increase your revenue. We are determined to provide one of the best quality SEO services on the market today and we fully guarantee the quality of our work and customer service.

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