How Leveraging traffic can impact your SEO campaign

Over the years SEO gurus have been preaching “backlinks, backlinks, backlinks”. Don’t get me wrong, backlinks are still the backbone of Google rankings… but in the recent months, it seems that other factors have made the jump into the front seat. I’m sure everyone has pointed blog comments and web 2.0 links at every opportunity we had just hoping and praying that our website would find favor with Google. As the algorithm keeps evolving it’s becoming more evident that having actual visitors on the pages where a link to your website is placed helps turbocharge that specific backlink.


How to drive traffic to the pages your backlinks are on

I use Quora to answer questions and drive traffic to articles that I have backlinks placed on. If you’re getting high-quality niche relevant backlinks then the article surrounding your backlink would probably be pretty solid, right? So why not take your high-quality article and help answer someone’s question. You can place the first paragraph in the answer box then a link to the webpage and allow the reader to visit the page to read the rest of the article. This helps the reader answer a question and gets you the traffic you desperately need. If the page your trying to promote gets thousands of hits then it would be assumed the backlinks placed on the page are more valuable and some traffic will drip through onto your personal website. Quora has a massive amount of readers and that means the sky is the limit when it comes to traffic potential. Happy posting!


Driving traffic to your website

I’ve never been a huge fan of blog posts (thinking from an SEO standpoint). Now that we are starting to focus more on driving traffic to your website as a whole I’m becoming more appreciative towards them. They are avenues that you can provide free information to your readers and potential customers to help them remember you are an authority in your niche. Also, when a new blog post is up, you can share that on your facebook, twitter, GMB, Linkedin, and every other social profile that you can think of. This puts your blog (and website) in front of the largest audience possible which means you’ll be getting clicks and traffic. Don’t have a good social media presence? That’s not really an issue and something that can be worked around fairly easily. Either buy views from a software like or purchase views from sources like Fiverr or this service on Konker.


A cool feature for your Instagram

Want to boost your Instagram followers? This Instagram software (here) will follow people that are interested in pages similar to your own, and then unfollow them automatically! It works like a charm.