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Hi, I’m Greggory Thorpe the Founder of Black Bear SEO Seattle. We LOVE what we do, and love helping our clients improve their search engine rankings. Google states that 96% of all searches won’t leave the first page (I’m sure we all can admit that we don’t ever visit the 2nd page). For every single day that you’re not on the 1st page, you’re handing over new customers to your competitors so that their business can grow and flourish. Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of the most profitable companies, in Seattle, in your niche?

Why Black Bear SEO?

You’ve probably found this page when you’re searching online. If we can outrank our competitors, don’t you think we can push your website higher in the search engines past your competitors? We believe that your business comes first. You only hire an SEO company when you want to improve your revenue from organic search engine traffic. So we strive to be the best SEO company when it comes to customer service, and results.

SEO is cost-effective

Companies will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on billboards, TV, Radio, and print ads in hopes to improve their business. Those are all a “shotgun” approach where you are just praying that someone that needs your services drives past your billboard at just the right moment. Well, with our Seattle SEO you will be put directly in front of people actively searching for your goods or services. This means they are already in the buying cycle since they’re looking for your product. Plus, running an SEO campaign won’t cost you nearly as much as a billboard or TV ad!