Social Media Management Packages


  • SMM = Social Media Management
  • What is your strategy? – We like to create huge amounts of brand trust through social media… How do you show your followers that you’re an authority in your niche? By sharing relevant articles from other sources to provide VALUE before you try and sell to them.
  • So not everything is 100% custom to my business? – We have a good mix of custom content and highly niche relevant shares. Example: Let’s say Google comes out with an update or Forbes mentions something useful in the digital marketing realm. Do I share that article and provide value to my readers, or post an article about how my business can benefit theirs… value first
  • Do you take custom pictures at our location? – Yes, however, we will only come to your location with package 2, 3 and 4. If you sign up for package 1 you will need to submit images. In both cases, we will use a mix of stock images if necessary.
  • Do you require a commitment? – yes, the minimum is 3 months
  • Is there a Start-up fee? – Yes, it’s $50
  • What payment methods do you accept? – Paypal, you will be auto-billed for the length of your contract
  • Do you work with all businesses? – No, inquire within.

This is what the process looks like from beginning to end

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Sign Your Contract

Submit Your Payment

Fill Out The Info Form

Watch Your Social Media Improve

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